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Monday, December 13, 2010

World War II

World War ll: Fighting for Freedom
     written by Peter Chrisp

This book will definitely be placed in our Extremely Popular Book binder for checkout if my "military" readers have anything to say about it!

Peter Chrisp, the author, is a British children's author of over 60 books specializing in history. The book is organized and formatted as complete double-page layouts with tagged timeline and headings to lead you through the historical events of the war.

It begins with a map of the world in 1942 depicting allied and axis countries, control, and major battles fought...a visualization of the war with a detailed key to elaborate the map and its contents.

The first double page is tagged 1939-45: A World at overview with illustrations and photos in sepia to add to the mood and feeling of the times. Next follows the tag 1919-1933: The Gathering Storm...a section that summarizes important events in the world leading up to the outbreak.

Other tags and content follow: Steps to War, Blitzkrieg on Poland, Home Front Britain, the Fall of France, the Blitz, Desert War, Pearl Harbor, Midway, What the Homefront looked like on all sides, the Holocaust, and so much more.

Also included are descriptions of day to day life with photos, new technologies developed, D-Day, the Atomic Bomb, and the end of the War.

The book is filled with photos that explain and help you visualize the content and better understand the deeper meaning of the history we learn in school. Viewing war from multiple perspectives is important if we are to understand how to stop it.

there's also a great glossary on the back of the book to define vocabulary and terms used that you need to understand if you are to really learn about World War II. Be sure to check it out!

Here's another library "textbook" you should choose from our collection to learn about World War II... so Sign Up today in our Extremely Popular Binder to make sure you get your turn with this book!

ISBN 978-0-545-24984-3

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