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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scholastic Book of World Records Ultimate Quiz Challenge

Scholastic Book of World Records Ultimate Quiz Challenge
     written by Jennifer Corr Morse

Here's the ultimate trivia and records Quiz Challenge book!
Take this book on the road, to parties, sleepovers, recess breaks, wherever you are with your friends and challenge them to a trivia quiz.

You can test your knowledge about animals, food, sports, toys, human body, science, entertainment, the world, and more...and the answers are in a special answer section so you can instantly determine whether you know your records trivia or not!

There are more than 350 exciting multiple-choice questions to challenge you with hours of reading fun! Illustrations and graphics support the challenge questions, but be sure to investigate your favorite topics and trivia by researching online or in books to discover even more interesting information to develop your knowledge base!

Scholastic has outdone itself this time by synthesizing trivia from their popular series of annual World Record Books to create the Ultimate Quiz Challenge! The book is organized by categories, and like all reference books it has a Table of Contents, Subject and Page Headings, and Index to find your favorite trivia content. The original series, the "Scholastic Book of World Records" has long ago surpassed our Guiness Book of Records series in circulation because at $10.99 it is more affordable and the size is easier to take along for hours of reading fun. The classic is still Guiness, but the take-along for Bay Farm school is Scholastic, and now the Ultimate Challenge will become another series must for our readers!

Be sure to check out the Book Trailer and see if you can measure up to the challenge with a sneak peak of the questions that await you! Coming soon to our Media Center Website we will feature our own Trivia Challenge Hunt with questions you create from your favorite Trivia and Record Books to challenge Bay Farm students!   

ISBN: 978-0-439-88971-1

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