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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book
     written by Neil Gaiman

Did you get your copy from the Fall BookFair yet?

It has been a hot title at both last Spring and this Fall's BookFairs. And when you hear and see more about the book you'll know why!

Neil Gaiman's "The Graveyard Book" won the Newberry Medal and the Hugo Award in 2009.

The book opens with a disturbing crime and an 18 month old survivor of a family murder. "Adopted" by the ghostly inhabitants of the neighborhood graveyard, the toddler now named "Nobbody" ("Bod" for short)...grows up in the graveyard with ghostly mentors to guide him through his human life.

Through the years the murderer still hunts for him so "Bod" must watch his back and his ghostly family protects him. Follow "Bod's" adventures in the Graveyard Book.

You can actually listen, see, and read along chapter by chapter by going to Neil Gaiman's website.
During each stop in his book tour, Gaiman read a single chapter from the book and video recordings are available through his web page.

After previewing chapter 1 on the website I can say that it's definitely the way that I want to experience the book!

Our new BookClub may want to experience this book during our Library Lunches as a read-aloud along with our partners from Haight!

So don't spill the beans yet...but it's definitely a less scary way to experience this book...with the author guiding you through it!
Click Here to see and hear Neil Gaiman read aloud chapters from his award winning book "The Graveyard Book".
ISBN: 978-0060530945

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