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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eat This Not That!

Eat This, Not That...for kids!
     written by David Zinczenko

Have you ever wondered about the food choices you make and whether they are healthy choices? This best selling book will help you better understand what goes into the food we eat and what choices could be better for you when you are out and about at your favorite restaurant or fast food place.

Did you know?
You watch over 26,000 TV ads in a year...and 22% of them are marketing food! The message sent most often is that junk food is instant happiness.But it really isn't.

The book shares basic rules to be successful at eating healthy...
Rule 1: Never skip breakfast, ever.
Rule 2: Snack with purpose.
Rule 3: Beware of portion distortion
Rule 4: Drink responsibly
Rule 5: Eat more whole food and less science experiments
Rule 6: Set the Table
Rule 7: Kick the sugar habit
Rule 8:Eat the rainbow

The book also compares good and bad food choices at favorite restaurants and tells you calorie count and more. There's also a section on how to make choices from a menu, and what to look for that could be empty calories or calorie deceiving.

Another section teaches you how to read the nutrition information on grocery labels, which cereals are the best and worst and other snacks and food choices. There are even sample menus and physical fitness routines to try out.

Watch the video below to get more details on what awaits you inside the book...and if you check this book out from our library, be sure to share what you learn with your family!

ISBN 978-1605299433

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