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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Klutz Book of Brilliantly Riduculous Inventions

The Klutz Book of Brilliantly Ridiculous Inventions
     written by John Cassidy and Brendan Boyle

Klutz started its book series many years ago with a how-to juggling book that is still around today. (It's even still on our shelves for checkout!). One of the company's big ideas for success is actually about what most people think of as failures....the idea that you truly learn through mistakes because in order to learn how to make something better you have to work with its problems and solve them. (I really believe in this theory too!)

So this book is going to be one of my favorites from the Book Fair, because it's all about works in progress...inventions that need more "play" to become better. Klutz, and IDEO Toy Lab use the theory of "Play" in everything they do...and recently while online at a conference I was watching and listening to a presentation about "Learn by Design," the theory of "play," and how IDEO Toys work is currently being looked at by educational leaders....go figure!

Anyway, this book is hilariously full of inventions that you might recognize, but probably haven't seen in the stores. Take a look and let me know what your favorites are some of mine:

Klutz Inventions Book Trailer from Roxanne Clement on Vimeo.

ISBN: 978-59174-905-9

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