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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bone: Handbook

Bone: Handbook
     written by Jeff Smith

Fans of the Bone series will love the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about the award winning and best selling books. Inside you will learn about the author Jeff Smith, the characters from the series, background trivia (including Fun Facts sprinkled throughout the book, cover art, history information about the Valley, the mythology, even how the comics are colored by Steve Hamaker who has worked with Jeff Smith for over 12 years now.

Did you know that Bone has won 10 Eisner awards...the oscar award for comics?
Find out all about the direct connections between the series and the author's real life, including seeing the very first Bone story created by Jeff Smith when he was about 10 years old!

Did you know that Jeff Smith developed carpal tunnel from drawing Bone?

Did you know that Thorn was the most difficult character for Jeff Smith to draw?

Did you know that Smiley Bone is a tribute to the character Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons, and that Gran'ma Ben is a tribute to Popeye himself?

Throughout the book woven between the trivia is the story of  The Kite. You can also learn how to make Cheese and Bacon Quiche from the book Crown of Thorns, peanut and pickle sandwiches (author Jeff Smith's favorite sandwich), and one of Smiley's and Bartleby's favorite meals a Blank Sandwich!

 This comic series is one of the most popular and circulated series in our graphic novel section of our library, but it seems that every day someone is just discovering the series; and it is almost impossible to check the books out in any kind of order, so having the Handbook available for readers to gain background knowledge as well as a chance read one of  Jeff Smith's Bone tales is too good to resist.

Since I haven't had time to read the series, this book provided me  with information to understand more about the series and its popularity. Bone : Handbook, will definitely be entered into our Extremely Popular Binder for checkout and I'll have to get a couple of additional copies to assure everyone getting a turn to check it out!

ISBN: 978-0-545-21142-0

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