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Monday, December 13, 2010

Star Wars:The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia

Star Wars:The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia

Star Wars Clone Wars fans get ready! Here is the resource book for you. It's the encyclopedia to identify your favorite characters both good and eveil from the Clone Wars series. There are more than 200 Jedi, Sith, Senators, clone troopers, fierce creatures, droid, bounty hunters, pirates, and more.the characters are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference and are also listed in the front contents pages.

There are statistics on each character that include these elements: species, height and weight, gender allegiance, weapons, and features. There's also a quick overview to clarify what each character does, who they align with, and other explanations. Strengths and weaknesses are also discussed with examples of behavior easily recognizable to the Clone Wars fans.

This title will be placed in our Extremely Popular Binder to make sure that everyone interested in the book will have an equal chance to "win" it.
 ISBN: 978-0-7566-7019-1

Happy Reading!

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